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      Griggs family

      Lightbulb Help, many un-answered questions

      My husband, 7 year old son and I have just started the long road of obtaining a 3 year temporary visa with a view to obtaining permenant residency. In the UK we have a good standard of living, a good sized house and both work. My husband works as a Contracts Commissioning Officer in Childrens Services for our local council and I work as a school clerk.

      We truly believe that we will have a better standard of living in Australia and that it will offer a brighter future for our son.

      We are trying to figure out how we can find my husband a job before we cut all ties in the UK. I will look for work when we arrive.

      Can anyone offer any advice???

      Look forward to any help out there.

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      Just wondered what temp visa you was thinking of and is it your husband who will be the lead visa,(as in he can amass most points). I could be wrong but your husbands job sounds sort of specialist and possably that type of work harder to find.

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      Same name

      Don't normally post on here much anymore as we are so settled but your surname is my maiden name so your post caught my eye! I have friend who I will see next week whose husband works for Child and Youth Health, if you can give a few more details on what sort of area you would be looking at (specific qualifications etc) then I can try and get some information for you. Good luck in your quest, it takes a long time to get here but when the sun is shining its worth it!!!
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      Griggs family
      Thank you very much. I will get a few details and get back to you with them. There are not many Griggs's around, small world. Glad to hear you have settled well. We are very excited and soooo nervous. Main thing is getting the work thing sorted and i am sure the rest will follow.
      Many thanks again,


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