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      Motor Trades

      We're going through on a Independent (Migrant) Visa (subclass 175) as my husband is a qualified Mechanic and Panel Beater.

      Would like to meet other prospective migrants to Australia with the same trade and wonder how you are getting on.

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      we are currently living in adelaide and im currently employed as a car mechanic seems to be quite a lot of jobs in both mechanics and body repairs just the terminlodgy of car parts is diffrent but it deosnt take long to get used to it i.e car wings are called fenders car bulbs are called globes for some reason or another i thought globes were big with pics of the earth on them ?? hope this helps you bye for now

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      Thanks Bridges. You see all the advertisements on career jet etc., but not sure whether they're real (bit like here in the UK).

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      hello elizabeth, my hubby is a panel beater/paint sprayer.
      we are not there yet so carnt tell you what the jobs are like.
      when are you planning to go over, would be nice to meet up.


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      Hi Sue,

      We've just started the whole process. Not sure whether it's going to be Adelaide or Melbourne where we headed for yet. Only on this site, because my sister-in-law recommended it.

      How long have you got before you go? Would be lovely to meet up - we're in Kent! :v_SPIN:


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