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      child care coordinator

      hi guys my mother has been working as a classroom assistant for 25 yrs and has been qualified as an early years coordinator to NVQ level 4 for the past 5 yrs .she would like to continue working with children in some capacity.

      does anyone know how easy it would be for her to gain employment

      she will be coming on a long term temporary business class visa

      not sure of the number!

      any sort of response would be great
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      Teachings assistant positions are vailable in schools but they are not as common place as in the UK and UK qualifications in this area are not always recognised.

      In private schools, many parents will help out in which case why pay someone when they can get the support for free?

      In the state schools, getting a position is hard work. These positions are highly sought after as they are few and far between. I know a lady who is working in a childcare centre as they cannot get a job yet as a teaching assistant.

      Positions in childcare, in primary teaching are not as scarce as the immigration dept would have you think. There is no real shortage of primary school teachers in Adelaide at the current time.

      There are many people who want part time work or school hours positions. Employers are able to be very picky as they have a good choice.

      Good luck


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