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      Exclamation Part Time/Holiday Parcel Deliveries - Noarlunga Area

      Due to the increasing volume of pick-ups and deliveries on my round, I'm looking for someone to do the Friday run and provide holiday cover initially. Typical hours would be 10-4. Typical earning $50-80 plus $10 shuttle delivery allowance to Hallett Cove per day. With the expansion this round has seen in the last 6 months, it is likely that there will be a need for additional support in the future either as an extra day or a second daily run.

      The round is Christies Beach, Colonnades and Noarlunga with morning pick-up from the depot in Thebarton. White van is essential.

      Send message to Jackie if interested ;)

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      $50-$80 per hour is good but i suppose if you are using your own van, fuel and insurance etc...

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      If u can do 50 parcels in an hour bob the job is yours, i wish i could.
      I usually get between 30 to 60 or more deliveries and pick ups in a day and get paid per delivery and pick up plus the $10 shuttle to Hallett Cove regardless of if it's 1 parcel or 10.
      Anyway get off the computer and get my wardrobes built i'm sick of ironing out of suitecases he he he


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      Job's been filled - sorry folks

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      Lorks a lordy - vacancy has re-openned!

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      jobs open again anyone interested ?????

      jackie x


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