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      Bricklayers WANTED !!!!!!

      Top Rates ............Continous work..... Northern subs.

      J.GEAR BRICKWORK... For all your bricklaying needs 0424325584 Bld 198794

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      Any apprentices needed????:) Got a strapping 6ft 8in, teenager; fit healthy and will be there available from the 1st Dec????? Bit of a cheek, but worth a try.


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      charlie brickie
      Hi, we're arriving on 29 October, I'm experienced bricklayer so will contact you when we get there. Will be staying with cousins in Williamstown till we decide where to rent, but will be in North so glad to know theres plenty of work about. Speak soon.

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      hey..J.. hows things going out there? getting plenty of work and sun? hows the missus and daughter?

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      Brickies wanted

      Hi, my name is Mick. Are you still looking for a good quality bricklayer? I have applied for a visa and just need to find a sponsor to complete my application. I would be very grateful if you could help or can you put me on to someone who can at this time. Thank you

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      I am available if you are able to sponsor me. I have my application almost complete. Plse contact me via email gmbuilders@btinternet.com if you can be of assistance. Many thanks. Mick

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      bricklayers in oz...

      hey geary,,,looks like i might be able to get there soon after christmas,think i found the right visa,providing my police record dont stand in my way.work is so not here anymore so cant wait to be there working and in the sun...:-)


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