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      Mental Health Nursing

      Hi I have read quite a lot on PIA about general nursing, are there any mental health nurses who have moved to Adelaide that want to share their experiences?
      Particularly forensic nurses?

      Thanks Caroline

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      Hi there!

      I can't profess to have met any yet, but I start work next week as a Rep for Lilly, Selling the ADHD drug they have.
      I'm sure I'll come across a fair amount of RMN's whilst I'm out and about... I'll ask questions if you'd like, although it'll be mainly Childhood and adolescence, because of the nature of the disease I'm bound to come in to contact with some forensics too.

      Were you interested in Prison nursing? ( I used to do that many, many years ago!)


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      Hi Ali

      I also worked in prisons here in UK and Sydneyas a nurse and then a governor!! I've just been interviewed yesterday on the phone for a Project Nurse position in Mental Health.

      Looking for a foot in the door in either prisons or mental health. Planning on coming over end Jan or sooner if I get a job!

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      Cool Nanas!
      I found it really easy to secure a position before I left the UK, in fact I was offered both of the jobs I applied for! I hope you get your job, I'm sure it'll come off for you.

      Look forward to meeting you in January



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