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      melissa and darren

      electrician needs help with artc

      Hello everyone,

      We land in adelaide on the 30th December. I've been putting off applying for the artc, mainly because of selling our house, shipping our stuff and moving into our rental ect. It's all been a bit hectic to say the least.
      I've got all my technical references from the tra application, and they are pretty thorough, including duties, tools used and materials ect. I've got all the certs as well. But the only thing i'm not sure about is the personal statement part. I don't know where to start or how to word all the things i've done. I'm alright at drilling holes in the wall and wiring any kind of circuit you want and even testing it. But when it comes to writing cv type things' i'm useless.
      If anyone could give me some pointers or advice i'd really appreciate it.



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      Hi Darren,

      When I did my personal statement for the artc I documented the last 3 years of work, gave (approx) dates and discriptions of each job and how I performed each task.
      Include as much detail as possible ie single core cables or multilcore cables , swa or pyro , conduit/trunking, chasing walls ect. what tools you used, what you connected/terminated, did you design the installtion or did you work from plans, did you supervise apprentices or other sparkys.
      If your testing as well then give details of what tests you carried out on the jobs as well, you can never give enought info.
      You have probebly done all this when you did your TRA application, its very similar just take your time and put lots of info down.
      I sent my appliction off and got my certificate back within 3 weeks, I've heard that some sparkys have been ask to go for an accesment or have been asked questions on the phone by the artc, just make sure your thourough with your application.
      anyway I hope this helps, if you've got any more questions, just pm me i'll be glad to help.

      good luck


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      melissa and darren
      Thanks Paul, that is a big help. I just want to make sure i get it right first time, and get it out of the way. We've got enough to worry about as it is!

      Thanks for your help.



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