My girlfriend and I are new to this site, we have just been in touch with a migration agent and been advised that we could move to Adelaide on a 475 visa (Office Manager) so we are both quite excited!
Kelly is 30 years old and has worked in London for the last 5 years as a PA at a managament consultancy, I am 29 years old and have worked for the last 5 years as a Business Development Manager/ Sales Manager for a distribution company... whilst we are excited about the prospect of moving to Adelaide we are a bit worried that we might not be able to find work when we arrive..

Does anyone know if there are plenty of these types of jobs in Adelaide? I have been browsing the forum and have read that people are struggling for replies from recruitment agencies.. I have looked at a few recruitment sites and there does seem to be a few suitable jobs just not sure how easy it would be to get them!

Any advice would be much appreciated!