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      hi matt
      i was running a 5-col mitsu B1, printing can labels. we have just sent off our state sponsership forms, i dont think finances will allow us to make a reccie so our first visit will be if and when we get the nod with our visas
      i have not done any real job seaching yet we were waiting till we at least got our sponsership(fingers crossed), but it would be interesting to see which is the best approach.

      best of luck.
      maybe i will see you over there.
      I would be very interested to know how the State Sponsorship pans out.
      I will let you know if I find anything of importance during my research.
      It's strange how things sometimes work out and I wouldn't be at all surprised if I do get to meet you one day.
      All the best with everything

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      Hi Matt and Darren,

      Couldn't help notice the print thread developing, I am a Print Procurement Officer/Customer Service Exec currently working in Print Management in the U.K. Would be interested if anybody has any leads with respect to employment in this field to enable me to submit my resume to them.

      Visa lodged, now waiting - fingers crossed!!!

      Trevor, Alison, Tom, George Skills Assessed: 3.4.08
      Skills approved: 19.5.08 SA Government Sponsorship sent: 16.6.08 SA sponsorship received: 21.7.08 475 Visa application submitted online: 22.7.08 Medicals booked for: 20.2.08 Medicals received in Sydney: 9.3.09 475 Visa granted 1.4.09 Flights booked for 5.9.09 via Sydney, then Canberra stop and onto Adelaide
      Arrived Adelaide 23.9.09 and luvin it!!

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      My only advice to all you guys - is to get here fast. When we came over here 19 months ago , there were a lot of printing jobs advertised and hubby and his mate- who's a printer - had their pick of the jobs. However we have met loads of printers (print finishers, print managers) who have emmigrated in the last year - jobs are fewer in the paper, and I know a few companies that used to have a regular turn over of staff - now no longer advertise as so many brits are now working for them.
      It is getting tougher as the brits are flooding the market.


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