Hi everyone. Does anyone know what the job prospects for a maintenance fitter are like in Adelaide and the surrounding areas? I've worked for a galvanizing plant for the last 20 years (15 of those in a supervisory capacity) and have mechanical,electrical and fabrication skills. I have been classed as a general electrician for visa purposes (175). My case officer requested and recieved the medicals & police checks a month ago so we hope to have the visa early next year and make the move in July09 (one of the girls has her exams next year).
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Merry Christmas to one and all!:emoticon-signxmas:

Bill 39, Linda 39, Samantha 15, Rachael 11

TRA applied 8/07
TRA successful - general electrician - 09/07
Visa 175 applied 2/08
Case officer 11/08
Meds & police checks requested and sent 11/08