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      This is what is worrrying me now. My career is on the list for business jobs (I'm a qualified librarian) yet when I look for jobs there is nothing at all. I have joined local law librarians group but I have serious doubts now. I work on the Intranet at work and research so I have been trying to find potential hobs that way. I am willing to do anything - even looked at basic admin jobs (just photocopying)

      I think my hubby be okay as he works in Insolvency - so I am relying onhim to find something before me

      I am trying not to put myuself in a panic over the job front

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      Dear all,

      Here is one letter I downloaded from website of Immigration department of SA many days before, i don't even remember the link for your reference to show employers for rights of 475.

      Here is text from the letter
      Dear Employer
      “SIR” and “SRS” Visa Holders
      As you are aware, the Government of South Australia is very keen to bring more skilled migrants and their families to our State to address skills needs as well as to achieve population targets set out in the Population Policy.
      Many of these migrants are now arriving under the following Provisional visas:
      �� Skilled Independent Regional – Subclass 495
      �� Skilled Regional Sponsored – Subclass 475 or 487
      These visa holders have been sponsored by the Government of South Australia through Immigration South Australia and have been granted their visa by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
      It has been brought to our attention that many employers are unfamiliar with these subclasses of visas and are hesitant to employ SIR or SRS visa holders. I hope this letter will confirm the status of SIR and SRS visa holders and assist in their participation in the labour force.
      The SIR and SRS visa is a three year provisional visa with the opportunity to apply for permanent residency status after living in “regional or low population growth metropolitan area”* of Australia for two years and employed full time for at least 12 months. It is envisaged that SIR and SRS visa holders will apply for permanency after two years. If successful, they will be granted a permanent visa on-shore, that is, they will not be required to leave Australia to receive their visa.
      All of South Australia, including Adelaide is included in this definition* and permits the visa holder to live and work anywhere in South Australia, including Adelaide. The SIR and SRS visa holder also has full work rights and is permitted to work full time ie more than 20 hours a week. To qualify for permanent status they would have to have been working at least 35 hours per week.
      To identify if an applicant for a position in your agency is an SIR or SRS visa holder, you may request that they show you the visa endorsement in their Passport which will indicate not only their details but also the Sub Class 495 or 475 or 487.
      As an employer, you are permitted to employ SIR or SRS visa holders on a permanent basis in full time work anywhere in South Australia, including Adelaide.
      If you have any concerns about the residency or employment rights of SIR or SRS visa holders, please do not hesitate to contact Immigration SA on 8204 9250 for clarification.
      Yours sincerely
      Immigration South Australia
      Department of Trade and Economic Development

      I have just attached this letter with this reply for all of you to download, I am sure it will be help full to you

      Umar Memon
      Assessment received by ACS - 14th Mrach 2008
      Positive Assessment Received . 9th May 2008
      IELTS Test Date - 14th June 2008
      IELTS Result card received - 25th June 2008
      SA Sponsor ship Received 8th August
      Application Lodge to DIAC -20th November 2008
      Acknowledgment Received - 1st December 2008
      Waiting for Case Officer to be Allocated ...
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      I have showed this letter and personally it seems to make them think that there is a problem employing you on that type visa.

      There is work out there but as said previously they often seem scared that you are better and may take their job from them! I had this in an interview with a company that were trying something new it's what I'm trained to do and they came back and said they didn't like one of my answers. Probably because I knew what I was talking about.
      Yes may have to remove things from the CV.



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