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    Thread: Going back .. should we do it?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
      I applaud your decission. I didn't want to say much on this thread as I fall into the 'love it here' club and I didn't want to seem to try to convince you to stay. At the end of the day you have to do what is best for you and your family. I sooooo hope things work out for you. If you need any help with anything shout. They is always someone on here willing to assist.

      Let shope 2009 is a good year in the Baddeley household.

      Thanks Pete, I too hope that 2009 brings alot of happiness in the Baddeley household, i'm crossing my fingers!!!!

      I wish everyone luck & happiness this year x :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by thebaddeleys View Post
      Hi Everyone,

      I just wanted to say a big "Thankyou" to you all for all your opinions and advice.

      It is comforting to know that there are people out here that feel the same and its also nice to hear how things can turn around and you can settle here in time if you give it your best shot!

      It seems that we all have had our own unique experiences coming over here, and for most these experiences have only made you stronger, which can only be a good thing.

      For my family... well we have decided that we have to give it our best shot for at least one year. We have to try to make this work because if we don't try then what was the point of coming here if we are just going to run back home. I feel its a comfort thing, we are out of our comfort zone and right now were not sure if we like it so the easiest option is to go back to your comfort zone. But the easiest option isn't always the right option!

      For me personally... I have decided I need to make more of an effort to make more friends and take my children to a playgroup, I came here for my children to give them a better way of life, so if I can keep them happy here then i'm half way there.

      For my Husband.... He is frustrated with his job, he's going backwards to go forwards, but he now has a plan to go for a promotion in a years time and if that comes off then the financial side of things will be less of a concern.

      I guess time will tell, we will do our best and let fate do the rest!

      Thanks again Everyone x

      Kerry, Chris, Tom & Chloe

      P.s. If anyone needs a mobile phone contract or broadband them PM me because my husband works for the mobile network Three (3) and will get you a great deal! x

      Onya Baddleys!!!!!

      Very best wishes to you.

      Ta for the tip on your hubbies work :)

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      We also arrived at the beginning of October. My OH fortunately had a job to go to but me, a former teacher, did not. I have enjoyed my months of freedom from work whilst we have got ourselves sorted a bit, and yes, you do seem to bleed money quite badly in the first few months. I find that general shopping is comparable to the UK (bit cheaper and much better quality in most cases) but anything to do with motoring is flaming expensive, but as someone else said on this thread, that's what it is here and that's what you have to deal with - IT IS NOT THE UK.

      Folk here are much friendlier and have time to pass the time of day with you. Work is hard to find, especially with the world recession affecting us all. We have taken a huge cut to move out here but were under no illusions that it would be the land of milk and honey, just different and a huge adventure. The icing on the cake for us would be for me to find work as we are just managing on my OH's wages.

      Diane was right, it suits some people and not others, only you know that yourself no matter how many folk say 'oh you should give it two years at least' two years is impossible if you don't have any money to live on.

      I wish you all the best with your final decision, it can't be an easy one. There by the grace of God go I !!

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      On ya the Baddeleys

      Give it time then you can at least say you gave it your best shot ;)

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      Yey! I think you're making the right decision - if at the end of the year you decide it's not for you then at least you know you've given it your best shot. In that time I'm sure you'll have settled, it's so hard as I have been in your situation and just wanted to fast-forward to that bit as I knew it would be ok - but just a pain getting there.

      If you ever need a gentle reminder just how crap the UK is at the mo just send me a PM as i'll be here til May and can oblige on that one!

      Alexis x

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      Good news you made your decision, its never easy. I hope things work out for you and your family
      :- ) My hubby got an interview Friday so we are keeping our fingers crossed, this will be the main turning point for us if he can secure work.
      Good Luck !

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      Good decision.Really hope it all works out for you all.

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      Also from the UK

      Sorry that you are feeling like going back to the UK so early. We arrived here on 3rd Sept 08 and it has not always been easy for us. About 2 months into being over here my husband hit a really black time. He had been a successful manager of a hairdressers in the UK and felt that things were not going that well over here and he was ready to leave and go back to the UK. However, we are now 4 months in and my husband is feeling much better and feels that he has turned a corner and we have decided that we are staying. I agree with what other people have said about giving it 1-2 years ideally, as it can take this long to settle down.

      All our relatives in the UK are saying that we have done the right thing coming to Oz and that there is nothing over there for us anymore.

      I would think very carefully about your future plans and what Oz can offer you & your children in the long term.

      If you are still set on going back, I would suggest that one of you (cost wise) make the trip to see what things are like in the UK now, before making the final decision because people keep telling us not to go back.

      Not sure if both of you are working but it can take some time to find work unfortunately. Work does come in time but all I can suggest is keep trying.

      Keep your chin up - it is not as easy as it is sometimes made out to be.

      Darren and Fiona

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      good on you for giving it your best shot!

      i didn't feel that i was to add to this thread since i am still in the uk and haven't experienced what you are going through right now ..... yet ;)

      we are stuck here in the uk with a house we can't sell.
      we had to go on a (costly) validation trip and we can't wait to go back for good.

      but what i wanted to add is the great network on here!!!
      so many people have helped us already and taken us under their wings on our trip.
      if you need help - you ask - and i know there will be someone able to help you.

      do get out. do talk to people. i guess in the beginning you feel rather isolated and that doesn't help.

      i wish you all the best and hopefully we'll meet up in oz once we are out ;)

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      great to hear your going to give it a go, im sure things will get better for you all :D
      clare 39 clinical nurse educator, Rn/mhn, Alex 7


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