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      Sparky work

      Was wondering if anyone could help myself and brother in law are looking at moving to adelaide and were wondering if there is much work for sparkies and plumbers?Any info greatly appreciated.

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      hey bud yeh ive just recently moved here from uk.im a sparky but getting a job here isnt easy unless you have an a class licience.if you get your trade certificate then the moment you arrive do your wiring rules course.theres at least 10 sparky jobs a week here but they are only interested if you got your licience.

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      My husband is a qualified electrician, we came out from UK August. We have lived in Australia before, Sydney and Perth and are permanent residents, he has been unable to get work here in Adelaide!! (we are living in the South). So its been nearly 6 months and it is not for the want of trying. He has an A Class aussie electrial licence as he went to Tafe in Sydney and go it transferred in SA. He's phoned around, applied online, rang through for jobs in the advertiser etc etc. We are probably going to return to the UK soon because he cannot find work. Have never seen at least 10 sparky jobs in the paper, there are always jobs down the mines or at least there were but I hear they are cutting back on those now also. Sorry to be doom and gloom but if I was in the UK I wouldnt bother coming its not easy

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      thanks for that ill have to have a think


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