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      Any Industry in the South?

      I notice a lot of people live South of Adelaide, what sort of areas have you found work in? My OH works in manufacturing industry (he's a maintenance manager at the moment), but has discounted the south because of the lack of industry. Are we right in assuming that there isn't much that way?

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      Try looking at Lonsdale. Its between Hallet cove and Christies beach.

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      Lonsdale is pretty big...but...there is very little manufacturing work in the south.
      And the career one supplement is very thin at the mo - theres very little manufacturing work going full stop.
      OH cant find steady work here in the south - hes done the commute up north for work etc - theres just not alot of work around at the mo.
      There are alot of vacancies coming up in the defence field - if your a citizen/lucky enough to get in.


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