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      Midwifery Course

      I am in Adelaide for a 3 month recie and am very interested in finding out about doing the 3 year Midwifery course at Flinders Uni. I have had conflicting advice about the quality of training in Adelaide and might consider doing the course back in Nottingham.
      Any feedback and experience would be greatly appreciated.



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      I have popped this on the front page again in the hope someone who can help might see it.

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      midwifery in Adelaide

      Hi not there my self so cant tell you much, but from what I understand the working conditions and hospitals are much better than in the Uk, however the autonomy for Midwives is much less with GPs and Obstetricians making most of the decions, whereas here in UK a woman can choose her care giver and may not see a Dr throughout her pregnancy labour or post natal period if she is low risk. Home birth is also not encouraged. However, things are slowly changing birthing centres are popular but Drs are still the gate keepers. I dont know what the training is like in Oz but I know the training in Uk is fantantastic.

      All that said it is only one part of a new life in Oz and so should be not the sole consideration for moving there. If the work life ballance is better then it would be worth it. we are willing to give it a go. Many British midwives do emigrate there so there must be some advantages.

      You need to qualify and then go and experience it, may be go there for your elective? it might be better to go when newly qualified, when we go i will have been a midwife fornearly 20 years and Oz seems to be what it was like when I first started whereas now I am the first port of call for women from confirmation of pregnancy to discharge.

      Good luck with your studies, it is a very rewarding job with highs and lows but I love it and wouldn't do anything else.

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      Hi Nikki,

      well as an overseas student, the cost is really quite expensive.....................apparently the locals pay about $10k, so what you would have to pay is probably more!!!!
      My god daughter was looking into midwifery here, and i have advised she does it at home....................at least in the UK you get a bursary whilst training, not so here.

      sorry to piddl on the parade, kiddo, just stating the facts......................

      The standard is similar though; but post qualification practice is slightly less than home. The Queens has a good rep, despite the A&E!!!!! get your middies there, then come here...............................bloody good luck to you.



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