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    Thread: Work on temporary visa?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Quinn View Post
      Wow.....the thought of heading over there to spend six months searching for work doing ANYTHING scares the crap outa me!

      I was made redundant here in April and it took 8 weeks to find a job...which was a hell of a lot luckier than most ..... but those 8 weeks were not enjoyable. I constantly worried...(until i read "The Secret" that is).... so the thoughts of watching the pennies and bank balance diminish while getting rejected for cleaning jobs does make me think twice!

      This is the point were loads of you jump in with reassuring messages saying that i'll pick up a minimum wage job no bother, that i should stop worrying and get over here next year lol

      Hi There Kev,

      Pleased to hear you found work again. You are right in being cautious, but if your desire is to live in Oz, you won't regret it.................but beware, getting work on provisional/temporary visa is not easy! Adelaide is a nice city, alot less congested than the UK and some gorgeous beaches and the Adelaide are beautiful.

      There is a definite breakdown between the state gov't who are trying to entice people here and their ability to translate this message to the business community who will ultimately employ you!! Make sure you investigate your visa, as we are on the 495 and as my wife has managed to get fulltime work we can Still apply for PR in her name, As for me, it is the hardest place on earth to find work (I have been offered work in Melbourne and Perth! - but refused the opportunity to take it due to my SIR ViSA is with SA!!).

      We are in the worst economic global decline we have experienced in many years and this will be a factor wherever you are, but I have no regrets coming here, and we have met some wonderful friends through PIA - so if this is where you want to be...........do it!

      All the best
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      Kevin Quinn
      Hi Tom, Thanks for this.......... I'm thinking being scared sh*tless is all part of the adventure! lol

      We'll defo being giving it 150% to make a new life there and to be honest I'm looking to step down from the level of job i have here - no point chasing the higher standard of family life and being under too much pressure to enjoy it.

      I'll take the first job comes my way and being in the cleaning industry i'm very comfortable around toilets......but not in a George Michael kinda way!

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      Quote Originally Posted by jim and adel View Post
      Very probably. Another possibility is that the employer recognised an exceptional candidate ...

      Of course, that goes without saying!!!!;)

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      Hi there,
      Well, it is of some comfort to know that it is not just me at least!! I am going for positions, even ones that are temporary, that I have more than enough experience for, but to no joy so far!!
      Dropped off my resume at all the local retail places as I will realistically take anything within reason!!

      Good luck to you all though, if I find a decent avenue though to help people on working Visas I will let you know!!


      West Lake


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