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      taylor family
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      Hi All

      Another quick question about plumbers. It seems there is a lot of demand for Plumbers at the min in other parts of OZ (we have friends in Brisbane as well as our agent). Whats it like in Adelaide, are there jobs in papers is there a demand.???

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated

      Kimberley x
      :DHI Kimberley and kelvin alan and laura taylor from preston lancs but been here since may.
      I work for a plumbing firm and they cant get enought people for the work they have so give me your home number and Ill call you and have a chat.all the best alan t alan.taylor7@aapt.net.au

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      Thanks Alan Have emailed you.


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      Hello All.

      Well we are the family that ChilliAnna is talking about. We arrived her in September 2006 and I will tell you all what has happened to us.( this may be long winded so bear with me please)
      When we first got here my partner John went to TAFE to get his qualifications assessed by them so that he could get a license and get work in the plumbing field. His NVQ 2 was more than enough to pass the TRA and to "fill the skills gap" . However, since getting here we have been somewhat enlightened. Tafe kindly informed John that 'his qualifications put him on the same rung of the ladder as an apprentice fresh from school and that he would need to complete an 18month - 2 yr training course. He asked straight away to get enrolled on this course and they told him that he couldn't do this unless he was actually employed in the plumbing sector!! Nice one!! So, he then went about phoning lots of different plumbing firms and gained interviews and a hell of a lot of " sorry we cant help you". Because of his age ( 32!!) it was not viable for some of them to take him on and so he is left stranded. he has since been to another training company called Peer. They have told him the same as TAfe and also offer a training course which he passed all the entry questions for and they were most impressed by his cv, unfortunately however, he is too qualified for them to place him as an apprentice. BUT,,and get this......they offered him a teaching position within the company and asked if he would be interested in teaching the apprentices that they already have!!! ....so..he can train someone else to be a plumber but isnt allowed to be one himself????? Ironic or what??!!!?
      So he is no working at our equivalent to B'n'Q as a Plumbing advisor and has just been made department manager!! WOW!! Still not what we came here for. he hasn't given up on plumbing and definately wants to do this still but just needs someone to give him a chance. So if there is anyone out there how knows someone with their own company or knows of any vacancies for a plumber with a restricted license please please get in touch!!
      We live in hope...... Oh....and he got in touch with all the relevant people at the time...TRA...DIMIA and all they said was " at least you are here". Nice eh?
      Right I think I will jump of my soap box now and take a breath. thanks for hearing me out.


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