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      new qualifications in oz

      my husband is a dry liner and yape and jointer, also does painting and decorating, is there a qualification he needs to get here to get recognised in oz, he has over 20 years experience in his trade but that is not always enough, i know the visa may ask for qualifications, if anyone can let me know what this is, would be great?

      also is it fine to do all the paperwork yourself or get a migration company to do it, any ideas how much it costs?

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      Sorry I don't have an answer to your 1st question but a good place to start looking would be here http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/. On a positive note here is a quote from the site

      TRA’s uniform assessment criteria requires you to demonstrate skills, knowledge and experience equivalent to an Australian apprenticed-trained tradesperson. If you have no formal training in your trade, substantial work experience may be acceptable(my emphasis).

      We used an agent purely because we had a very limited amount of time. If you can do the paperwork yourself you will save approx. 2k, not to sniffed at. Good luck with your application and hopefully someone else on here will be of more help with the trade question.

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      hi if you are aplying for a skilled independant visa i think you will find the rules have changed and you now need a formal qualification. also when you get here you will need one ie city and guilds etc to get a licence to work. we got visa before rules changed and got it purly on skills that he had been in job for years now here he hasnt got a cerificate so needs to go to college to get a qualification to get licence! good luck

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      Hi, I was a dryliner in the uk for almost 15 years prior to emigrating in 05'. Firstly i would say use an agent. An agent will class your husbands skill as a fibrous plasterer. Does he have his CSCS card ( as thats recognised as a NVQ qualification) or any other qualifications ???
      I came on my wifes teaching skills at it was so much easier but i do know someone who has recently come out on his own skill as a ceiling fixer and tape & jointer ( Flusher here in oz ) Contact him on here , he's not on very much but he will be able to answer all your questions and more. His user name is " clay buster "and his name is Paul.
      If i can be of anymore help feel free to PM me.;)

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      my husband does have an up to date cscs card that was done 2008, so hopefully that is enough, or we may now use my qualifications as i have an hnd in accountancy, will he not be able to get work in oz until he has a licence which i gather he has to go to college for, or could he get an apprenticeship when he is there? so much to think about!!

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      He can work with a gang under their liscence for a year then get references and a letter from his accountant to say he has run his sole trding company well. This will then just leave him an interview at the liscence office and thats it he can then go out on his own.

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      Pm me if you want some info. Passionate pom mentioned me - claybuster was my user name - now pommypaul.


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