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      tiger fan

      telecommunications jobs

      hi there, just joined pia and looking forward to getting to know people. we've already activated our visas but are unable to move out to adelaide until after 1st september.(daughter is getting married and would kill us if we moved before then!!!!) my husband is an engineer with bt and is hoping to find work in the same field.does anyone know the best contractor to contact or how to get on to telstra's books?

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      Hi tiger fan,

      Welcome to the PIA boards. How inconsiderate of your daughter.;):D

      Bet you can't wait to get back over there.


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      Welcome to the site. Daughter could have got married a bit sooner - must be awful having visa and not being able to go.

      Hope the wedding goes well!

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      tiger fan
      its true!!! between putting the house on the market and organising a wedding i dont have a moment to think. have pictures of adelaide to look at and know its all going to be worth while.

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      Hi and welcome to PIA :) Hope everything goes smoothly with your daughters wedding and it is worth the wait to get over here ;)

      With work you will probably find it easier to contact people once here as many are not willing to deal with you while in the uk as we found out :o


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      Welcome to PIA.

      Enjoy your daughters wedding, and then enjoy you travels to Australia.x

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      tiger fan
      thanks to all of you for the welcome.we are really looking forward to the wedding.(although neither of us is really old enough to have children old enough to get married) cant wait to be on the plan for a new life!!!!!

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      hi there ,read your thread about hubby being an engineer with bt ,me and my partner have just started the process ourselves and i am also an engineer with bt ,so if you recieve any info that might be of use ,please let me know and i will do likewise

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      Hi there
      My partner and myself used to work for BT. My OH as an engineer and myself clerical - it is due to us both getting release that we are here! My OH was accepted on the SIR visa and sponsered by SA. They are looking at over the next couple of years enhancing the network and will then need the skilled engineers. At present though my OH has only managed to get sub contractor work (having to start his own business) to stay in the field - some other engineers are having to do the same as Telstra are not taking on new employees in the field at present. It was difficult to begin with but now he has settled and enjoying the work (which there is a lot of). So it may mean others having to do that to begin with, but will be worth it in the end.
      Good luck with visas and move

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      Hi If you get any info please let me no as I am also a bt engineer and will be looking for work telstra or contracting well thanks and good look


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