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      How easy is Sponsorship

      Evening/Morning all,

      The wife has finally decided to pull her finger out and start applying for jobs!!!, we noticed her job as a butcher has come back on the immediate shortage list. Is it easy to get sponsorship as weve been told this would speed up our visa?



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      Hi warren, yes getting sponsorship these days fast tracks your application very much. sponsorship, to south australia is reasonably easy and quick. just do some research with regard to job opportunities in your job area . in my case i used to visit job websites such as seek' careerone and jobsearch, there you would see the job availability and i also carried out general research about sa. have a declaration of the assets and bonds and you are done.

      to make things easier go to sa website start an online application and answer the questions. you do not have to submit it right away ; you can polish it over a period of time until you are happy with your presentation then submit. does not cost you anything except maybe the fee for the declaration form but thats very little.


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