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      Smile Psychiatric Nurse.............Wage?

      Dear All,

      I don't know if anyone can help me, I am a mental health nurse looking into the possiblilty of moving to Australia, Adelaide looking very good. Have wife and two daughters under three years and was wondering tha average wage of a RMN?
      I am I better off looking at agency's? or public hospitals? Whats the difference in wage?
      Any further information would be gratefully recieved, e.g. Any good hospitals in the area of Adelaide - Mental health units? What are the hours like? Annual leave?

      Anything to do with this would be excellent.

      Many regards - Nick, Al, Ella and Holly ;)

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      PM Woolmerjd she might be able to help you

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      Thanks for that, the only thing is I've searched the username and it's not bringing anything up, is it the right name? "Woolmerjb", have also searched "Woolmer".

      Many thanks Nick ;)
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      Sorry, now found "Woolmerjd" and have sent a message. Thanks Nick.

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      It depends on how long you've been qualifies, Level 1,1-9, Level 2, 1-5, level 3 ect. If you work in public or private sector, and if you work perminant or casual or agency.
      I think that just lists public mental health units, To be perfectly honest with you, i'd go agency initally if you have that option, you'll find you work in most of the mental health units so you can get a feel for the one thats right for you, and of course the moneys better too :) Though No sick pay/annual leave if your agency/casual. Holidays will be 4 to 6 weeks depending on where u work.
      Hope that helps a little :)
      Best of luck


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