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      teacher paperwork?

      Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if there are any teachers out there? i am a primary schol teacher in Uk at mo, going outto SA in September. I haven't had my skills assessed yet but I am not sure if I will teach out there? Does anyone know anything about the curriculum in sa primary schools? I am deciding whether to take any paper work out with me or start a fresh? If it is not needed it seems a waste of money to get it shipped out? What did other people do?

      thanks sarah

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      take every last resource you have in case you do teach -

      i would not wait to arrive before you register with the trb of s.a. - we arrive late august - 4 months and we are still pizzing about with the paperwork - i have found the trb slow to deal with and damm right inconsistent - i have had my qualifications approved only to find out today they are not now approved all because i had my copies certified by my headteacher rather than a bank manager despite being told otherwise due to other issues i had in the past

      totally frustrated with the lack of consistency of personnel - 3 different individuals all different replies yet they took my money sent me a the certificate now say do it all again

      ...and then you have to have stupid oz criminal checks despite being in the country 5 minutes attend a child protection course and then a first aid course - god i did all this paperwork to satisfy the oz govt im fully qualified yet each state is different to register - and guess what s.a. has the sh****est reputation for being slow pedantic and pernickity

      sod my spelling i teach p.e.

      good luck what ever you decide and sorry for my choice of words - my day was spoilt when i found this email

      i might yet just sell graffitti spray paint breed pitbull terriers and sell hoodies - it wud be easier to get a licence to do these !!!
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      Hi Sarah

      Lots of teachers on PIA so I'm sure you will get some good advice! I am planning on taking my books with me. The curriculum is different but I plan on taking lots of my resources with me. Not sure if you know about teacher registration? if you don't then just PM me and i'll give you details!
      Good luck with the move


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      Hi John ans Sarah

      My husband Paul and I are also immigrating to Adelaide in August 07. The paperwork to register as a teacher is a bit of a pain but the people at the decs we're great. They e-mailled me a list of documents and the the attachments. They recommend that you register as soon as possible. You will need all your documents signed/stamped by a solicitor again which is a pain in the neck. When you arrive you will need to complete your First Ais certificate and police check before you can set foot in a school.
      I hope this helps.
      Lisa X

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      Hi Sarah
      i'm a teacher too, but nowhere near leaving yet unfortunately. You may as well bring everything with you .. what's another box in the big scheme of things and at least you will have the security of your own resources to fall back on. i plan to take as much as i can either on disc or paper/book form .... although it is a good excuse to have a clear out!
      good luck


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