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      nickey and neill

      electrician needs help

      hi...can you help us.

      neills appilcation is in with the tra at moment for a special class electrician. we thought that once we got that and hopefully our permanent residency visa, neill would be able to apply for jobs straightaway. from reading these threads it looks like he might have to do other training etc...

      can anyone advise?

      nickey and neill

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      Im a maintenance electrician mainly can do installation work, i tried to get my license restored only last week but i will have to go through the process again before i can get work. They are hot on licenses (tickets) as they call them. This is a copy of an email they sent me last week
      Thanks for your email.

      To re-apply for your Electrical Licence, you will need to complete the AS/NZS 3000:2000 Wiring Rules Course and Exam. This course can be completed at either Regency TAFE (08) 8348 4426 or PEER Tec (08) 8348 1200. Once you have completed the course, you can apply to obtain your licence. The fee will be $324.00 (current until 30 June 07) and that includes 3 years registration.

      If you have any further queries, please contact the office on 08 8204 9696 or by return email.

      Jacqui Norman
      A/Supervisor Licensing
      Business and Occupational Services
      Office of Consumer and Business Affairs
      Government of South Australia
      GPO Box 1719, ADELAIDE, 5001
      3rd Floor, 91-97 Grenfell Street, ADELAIDE 5000
      ' (w) +61 8 8204 9696
      ' (fax) +61 8 8204 9697

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      these are the people with which u get your license

      Office of Consumer and Business Affairs

      look under licensing


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