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      reference help please?

      Hi everyone, just wanted to know what other people are doing about reference? I am a teacher and we are going out on a skilled working visa (hubby as a chef) so we have completed loads of paperwork for his jobs and got loads of references, etc. i have not done anything yet! i am going to complete the asessment of skills on tra but just wanted to know what other teachers are doing about references? I will be finishing in four weeks so I need to ask soon. do i ask for one from head or shall i write one out and ask him to sign it (similar to what we did for the skills visa)? Any help would be great, thanks

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      Hi Sarah
      i am a teacher too - you are way ahead of me though, i'm going to complete another year of teaching and plan to go next summer. You will need lots of evidence to get registered by SA TRB so best to get the ref before you go and include everything in it that you would need for the skills assessment - such as confirmation of salary, years teaching, GTC ref etc. A more personal ref you can ask for when you get a job perhaps ...
      good luck


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