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    Thread: Dilemna! Should we stay or go

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      I know a sparkie who has just been made redundant and sadly is not the first.

      There are still jobs out there....especially if you are prepared to work remote. i.e. 2 weeks on and 1 week off...etc

      good luck with your decision....hard one in this current climate. But if i was in your position now...having sold your house....and now your husband's job is unstable...what have you to lose?

      If you husband's job was secure and you hadn't sold our house...i'd be staying put..
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      Lorluc is correct, if he's willing to work remote in somewhere like cooper peddy, or mumba, for the mining and drilling going on, then there is plenty of work there. And the rates of pay seem to be pretty ridiculously high!!! The only problem is working 2 weeks on 1 week off. This can be hard for people who can't get used to it (i know as i work in oil and gas, however i work either 4 on 4 off, or 5 on 5 off) but the way i used to get around it is looking like i get 1 weeks holiday every 3 weeks!!!
      If you take away your weekends, then there is really not much time to do other stuff during the working week, especially now the long nights have started. Would be worth trying out, even if it's just over the winter to get some good money behind you and see if things start to pick up.
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      Thanks all for the prompt reply, if it came to it he would work remote and work 4 on 4 off.
      After speaking to OH last night he said even though the r word did get mentioned his boss is reluctant to take such a big step and is going to see what happens in July, in the mean time he will look to see what else is available. We have decided if he goes down to 4 day week and can't find work we will have to give the matter serious thought ask for redundancy and make the move.
      Never know a miracle turn around of the job situation might happen or am i dreaming.
      Mind you OH had a panic today when he saw how much writing is involved in the artc application so as from now i am going to do some nagging and butt kicking as i remember when he did the tra application.
      Thanks for all your advice and will take it all on board.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Thongs Rule View Post
      I feel for your situation.

      Now I'm no expert so don't shoot me down, but with a PR visa, it lasts for 5 years doesn't it ? When are those 5 years up ?

      If there is no rush then hang on a couple of years, I don't get the jump now or you'll regret it strategy from a lot of other people, but I think your in a strong position and can wait for a better time.

      As I understand it the UK is probably in it's worst point of the economic cycle, Australia is still on the slope into recession, whilst not as bad as the UK we will get worse even after the rest of the world starts to pick up (it's just a matter of understanding our place in the economic cycle), your house price is probably at it's lowest, whilst ours are just starting to decline, the exchange rate may hit $2 to the pound soon so what money you have will last even less here. 9 months to a year down the road could swing back to $2.40 to the pound, that's a 20% increase on the value of your money. I'm going back to the UK in 4 months time and have already put half of my capital into pounds to take advantage of the exchange rate.

      It's a big decision to come over here but as I say your in a strong position to take your time if you wanted. Only hindsight tells us if we made the right decision..
      Hi permenant visa's are permenant....I think you are confused with having to apply for a re- entry visa if you leave the country whitch lasts for 5 years this allows you to come and go until you have your citizenship papers. Although you can come and go for the first five years its after that you need to get a re- entry visa . My fiance has been a perminant resident for 45 years and still has to apply for a re- entry visa if leaving the country .its very simple and does not cost that much.:)


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