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    Thread: We are here! But no job :-(

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      We have just come back from an event run by the SRS called Skilled Work SA Forum which has provided some useful information and we will be attending the 2 workshops that go with it shortly.
      The event is free and today lasted from 9 til 5 with a very good speaker who has years of experience in the recuitment business in SA and it dealt with many issues and ideas relating to getting jobs.
      The workshops will concentrate on resumes and cover letters and getting your foot in the door so we're looking forward to those.
      I was initially sceptical of this kind of event but it has given me several pointers and some useful contacts already
      The most telling thing to come from it is how much networking is involved in SA to get jobs and info about jobs and one telling fact was that for every job on seek.com there are another 9 that are not advertised.

      As the initial question on this thread was about IT and I'm also in IT I asked what the market was like for IT jobs in Adelaide and was told that it shouldn't be too difficult to find jobs in IT

      Hope this helps

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      Quote Originally Posted by sueoc View Post
      What a Gas.What Entertainment.Ive discovered tonight that,in the face of adversity(as we all try to secure our future here)we have amongst us certain people who patronise smugly,with smarmy ,smart arsed innuendo,and they proclaim to be technical experts qualified to the hilt,yet they can't even spell the name of their true vocation,let alone anything else!Who needs that? How did they ever get a job here with spelling like that,as the Resume appears to be of paramount importance when searching for a job.I suppose they are just "Bushlitters".
      Hear hear (or is it here here?) (Cazzie agrees too!)
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      Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
      I must say we (also 6 months in) love it here. I'm not working and need to find something sooner rather than later. But we are here for the long term. We knew it wasn't going to be easy but loving the challenge.;)

      Chatroom abreviation 'For F*** Sake'.
      Duh Pete!!

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      Okay from the frame of mind that everyone has at the moment I will probably get it in the neck for this one, but my parents upon arrival here many years ago saved up to return home, could not stand the thought of being buried in the heat here, and grew to love it. I left and lived in many other countries, but am now back, my kids moved back one of them stayed and the other found it too hard his wife did not fit in here and wanted back to her family (and that is great that she could do that to eachhis/her own? Let us not take it personally what has made us all have the guts in the first place either through our parents (I have personally lived in europe, britain, india and the us) makes us strong, that's what australia, new zealand, africa, asia and I guess the rest of the world our oyster, how much better off we wanderers would be if we were happier with our lot, but we're not, we're the kids that could not be kept in the backyards, enjoy your world and enjoy oz. Okay let's all share our wow moments, how many of you are in the deserts etcetera and think my god I cannot believe that I am here, that's what it is all about, and I truly believe that when you have the guts to do what you (and my parents have done) that you can achieve what you really want to do.

      Good luck to you all

      Have a wonderful break

      sandra D
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      Yup,time to put the previous altercations to bed,lets all move on.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Kraig1967 View Post
      Conditions of the 475 visa is to live and work in SA for two years before you can apply for PR.
      Yes, this is the bad thing about the 475... The permanent 175 is the best, as one can go anywhere he wants. The trouble is the pass mark that is too high.

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      nurse sue
      Can I ask how the building trades are faring in the current climate?
      Been looking around some of the other forums, and most tradies arent posting how or if they are affected ...
      so is anyone having problems getting decent tradesmen?; are houses not being built? ; is there much in the news about construction being affected?

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      The building industry does appear to have become more quiet, friend's son is a sparky and he has had problems getting work lately. Having said that we have been down at Victor this past weekend, and requested four quotes for work over the past couple of weeks so that we could get things done whilst there, and only one contracted has quoted so far. So they cannot be short of work. Victor always seems to have work available, I think that with the incentives that the government has been giving, that new construction is okay at the moment, but a bit of a concern once the stimulus package goes (which is expected soon) how things will fair I'm not sure. Friends I know who have relocated have started up their own businesses and seem to be going extremely well. I guess it is the same the world over you have to seek out the work but if you are good at what you do hopefully you'll be given the chance. I do believe that what makes you the type of person to take the risk to come here in the first place also makes you a bl.....y good worker.

      All the best to you, what type of construction work are you involved in?

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      This is for Kraig 1967! Thanks......Your posts really stood out! I agreed with everything you said. Sadly people interpret things in different ways. All people are saying is that they are worried about their futures. Good luck to everyone out there who is looking for a job. My husband and I plus our 2 girls Georgia (13) and Alex (11) will be joining you all on the 7th May. We are very worried. My husband is a Carpenter and my history is Banking, Retail and Investment although not for a while. I really don't care what I do but I hope my husband gets a job. Sadly the 'pot' isn't bottomless. Wish us luck everyone!

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      I'm sure that if you have a background in banking you shouldn't have any problems seems to me that every time I have been into the banks lately the staff have been recently transplanted brits. In fact one of them referred me to this page (she was working at Westpac, and unfortunately I did not get her name, if she does log in thanks it has been a great experience. Your husband should be able to get work as a carpenter, my son worked as a carpenter here and had not only work offered by his company but people chaffing at the bit for him to do private work (which he didn't take because he was wacked by the end of the week). He was working in the Victor Harbor area.

      All the best to you all, I know exactly what it is like when you move to a new country only too well.

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