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    Thread: We are here! But no job :-(

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      Quote Originally Posted by Kraig1967 View Post
      Difficult, again I keep applying but no joy up to now, have taken a job at the local car detailers until something comes up.

      All in all been a very frustrating and expensive past 3 months

      Sorry to hear that and worrying to know it's that bad. I hope it falls into place for you.

      Keep us updated.

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      Hi, sorry to hear of your troubles...............................
      i dont mean to be obvious, but there are casual jobs out there, many on a casual basis; and once in the workforce........................well, you have evidence of being in the workforce, so maybe a job more suited to you will turn up later on..............

      i know its hard, and not really much use, but ANY work is better than nothing, espesh if you are running out of funds.

      Good luck with the search


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      Quote Originally Posted by jo_marnes View Post
      Hi everyone,

      Well we have been here about 10 days now and I am starting to fret about my husbands work situation! I know it is early days, but soon it won't be and we'll still be living on a very small pot of savings (and there is 5 of us!).

      Mark is in IT and he has joined up with Hays, Hudson and another recruitment agency who I can't remember. He has been put forward for a few interviews, but no word from them except one, where he had an interview but didn't get it. What else can we be doing? It's hard to just drop CV's in to people as in his job (IT Support) he can really work anywhere - its not specific enough to select companies looking for someone like him.

      How long did it take you to find a job? Any suggestions?


      Jo xx
      We were here 3 months before my O/H got an IT job. He has been doing this for 10 years and has never been paid so littleand the hours are awful. He applied for 35 jobs and only heard back from 2, which he rang to ask why and was told he was too qualified. He had interviews with a few agencies and even though they said they had jobs they never got back to him. The job he did get was through a freind who met Stephen's new boss at a BBQ and suggested he chat to him.
      He may have to take any job in any field just to get some money coming in and a reference.
      I really sympathise as there are 6 of us and we spent a load of saving living with no income. I hope it works out for you.

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      i have lost count of how mAny times me and others have said the "pay is not so good here" and "just because your job is on the demand list doesnt mean they are crying out for you"
      Sadly neither are the case.
      You just have to keep plugging away, sometimes its not what you know, its who you know, and sometimes its a case of right place right time!
      Good luck
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      We are here! But no job :-(

      Why on earth do they keep putting these jobs on the In Demand list when clearly that is very often not a true reflection of the current job situation.

      As people have said ,who you know and not what you know often gets you a job.Not an easy option when you are a new arrival on little funding.

      In days gone by when houses were cheap,cost of living likewise, that scenario might have been more acceptable,but not when people are giving up good jobs and security to come here.

      In recruitment terms the anecdotes i have heard about criteria set by a lot of employers here is beyond belief.

      I wish you the very best of luck .


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      Quote Originally Posted by Ranger View Post
      Donít mean to dampen anyoneís spirits but Adelaide is not an IT city if you want relatively stable employment in this field you might find you will have to move to Melbourne or Sydney. I believe there are problems with the work situation in Canberra where most of the government departments are located. I spent 3 Ĺ years in Adelaide, looking back now that was probably too long and I should have moved earlier, I was in and out of work until I eventually moved to Melbourne then Brissie. The work situation in Adelaide has always been poor, itís considered a backwater in other states, there may be some work but is generally limited in each sector. Being such a small city there is a tendency for people in the various sectors to know each other so jobs get given to somebody who knows somebody etc. All I can advice is that if you are struggling to find work in Adelaide but want to stay in Aus donít stay in Adelaide too long, widen your scope to the other states, many people commute interstate flying back to their home city at weekends. Good luck
      My initial reaction to this comment is that it is a negative point of view, but then I have been looking around recently, and despite having a continuous work record in IT in Adelaide, having been with the same University department for 17 years and having a very wide range of experience, I haven't even managed an interview out of 5 applications. I suspect that many agencies advertise non-existent positions in order to get your details on their databases, and in my experience they are a waste of time. If I was serious (which I'm not yet), i would get that CV and covering letter out to every company I could think of. Every decent size company has an IT department, every little company needs IT help, so clearly there are LOTS of IT jobs in Adelaide. Sadly, Adelaide IS a who-you-know rather than a what-you-know kind od place, and when you do find that job, you will start off below where you were in th UK - that is a fact of life for most migrants. Good luck, and be prepared to do a lot of printing and posting. It is worth it for the fabulous climate, affordable housing and outdoor lifestyle.
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      Job situation is definitely getting worse here. I am hearing more & more cases of people being laid off...in all types of trades....

      The job paper is shrinking every week....
      Arrived November 2005........live in Happy Valley

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      Quote Originally Posted by sduffy View Post
      Why on earth do they keep putting these jobs on the In Demand list when clearly that is very often not a true reflection of the current job situation.

      Quite simply because it earns them millions of dollars per year, and industry within its self.

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      cornish Busdriver
      G'day Jo.
      Sorry to be like an old nag but did your hubby research the IT market here before you came like phone companys and speak to people.
      Its all very well e-mailing them and posting CV's off but do you know how many of these they get each day !!!!!! they just blow them off.
      My missus and I both have a 1st Degrees in software programming and design but i work as a bus driver and she works as a theater nurse and as Ranger said Adelaide is not an IT city.
      We are lucky to have other careers to fall back on.
      Has your hubby thought of a career change or as i was once told "needs determin what must be done" .
      Good luck on the job front but im sure he will have a long wait if he wants to get into IT marcket here.

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      cornish Busdriver
      G'day again Jo.
      Just a little heads up for you.
      Ive just got off the phone with a mate who's got an IT company here and who i do some private work for and asked him about the IT market and he's just advised me that your hubby will probally have a lot more luck once he gets his Degree or other paperwork converted to the Australian standard versions of it.
      He also said go and knock on doors with your CV with proof of skills or Phone them and only send in a CV if they ask for it.
      He gets 50 or 60 e-mails a week asking about employment with CV's attached and just deletes most of them.


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