This post seems to have re-surfaced- I'm now actually in my 4th week and still loving every minuet of it. It's a great feeling when you finally get the first Aussie wage packet especially after the best part of half a years holiday!

In answer to some of the posts received:
Hayshake: Pleased your enjoying the retirement, I wish Val would let me retire!
KP Nuts: I certainly am enjoying it, every minuet of it!
lippy: Congratulations on the permanent role and good luck for the future.
tina&steve: Centrelink but it's only temp through an agent.
BAZnDAF: Cheers, thank you.
scooterdan: Cheers Dan.
Django: Cheers Pete, good luck for Monday mate, I'm sure you'll love it. It's a great feeling to get out there and do something worth while again.
cazzie: Thanks Cazzie and Bill, hope the study is going well.
wemadeit: Thank you, I now have 10 weeks remaining and unfortunately it won't become permanent but it may lead to to more work, fingers crossed.

All those looking for work, it will happen and if the past week is anything to go by things are getting better, I think at least 4 posts last week say they got jobs!
It was good news week!!:D

Good luck everyone.