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      Smile The Beano and other home comforts!

      I am writing on behalf of my daughter Anna (aged 9) who at the moment has a subscription to The Beano and the one thing that she keeps asking me is 'do they have The Beano in Australia?'. I have looked at the front of the comic and they do show a price for New Zealand so I am assuming that you have it there too? Can anyone let me know what sort of comics/mags/sweets and other English things that you can get or that you all miss and you wait for the Grandparents to bring out or post to you? It is nice to have familiar things around you when you are trying to settle in even if it is only a copy of your fave comic every week!! :v_SPIN: HTH

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      Yes you can buy the Beano, pricey as imported. You can get it from large newsagents or get them to order it in for you.
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      Thankyou! That will cheer someone up a little but believe you me kids comics and magazines cost a small fortune here too even without import costs!! One copy of CBeebies Weekly 1.99 and even The Beano is 1.25 now with The Beano Max costing even more, kids aren't cheap are they??? LOL


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