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      Smile Hi Im Robbie [just turned 8]

      I'm new to this website :)

      We came here 3 years ago. We live in Flagstaff Hill and go to Flagstaff Hill School.

      I like to play soccer,I have just had my first school soccer match and we won 5-0

      Anyway it is a lot more fun out here you get to go to the Beaches more. play more sports
      bye robbie

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      hi robbie it is oliver

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      hi ollie it is robbie

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      Hi Ollie and Robbie, it's Hayley! See you soon! xx

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      Hello Hayley

      We are looking forward to seeing to Katelyn again and I want to meet your dogs.


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      yo Robbie, I'm David and I'm 7 years old, turning 8 in August29. We're moving to Adelaide in September, I have 2 brothers (Cameron 6 and Rowan 4).Can you tell me how mennie sports you now out there.anyway I am worried about leaving everyone , how did you feel?my mum said we might be going to a place called christies beach, seaford or aldinga, we want to live near the beach as we do in cornwall. Where did you used to live? Bye for now, David.

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      Hello David

      We are nearly the same age because I was 8 in May.

      There are some good beaches near Christies Beach and Seaford. We go to one near there in summer at Port Noarlunga.

      There is a reef at the end of the jetty and lots of fish. Sometimes my brother goes snorkelling.

      I was only 4 when we came to live in Australia and my brother was 8. We felt OK. I sometimes miss my family in England but I have made lots of new friends here and my Grandma and also my Grandad have been here to visit us.

      As well as soccer you can play Aussie Rules football. There is a scheme called Auskick for young children to join and learn how to play it.

      In summer you can play cricket too.

      It is summer when we have Christmas here which is strange but it is fun because we play in my friend's swimming pool.

      I used to live near Burnley in Lancashire.

      The last holiday we had before we left England was in a caravan in Devon near Cornwall. It was fun.


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      hello robbie,

      sorry it's been a long time since I wrote to you but we have been very busy. We will be arriving in adelaide on the 5th of october. We are going to live in noarlunga downs, we have got a house to live in.did you now its my birthday tommorw.hope we will meet one day.



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