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    Thread: Private schools in and around Adelaide

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      Has anyone heard of Golden Grove, or King Baptist Grammar or Sunrise Christian School?

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      Sideways Sally
      I was School Captain at Golden Grove High School! ha ha ha

      I started High school at Trinity College and then when we moved I got a transfer to Pedare Christian College (sister college same uniform). At that time (early 90's) the schools were so new and interwoven the only distinguishment between schools was the colour of uniform and $$ fees, so I transferred to Golden Grove High within a week. (In the early days you would have a class in room from one school with a teacher from another and kids from all 3 schools in the class LOL)

      Golden Grove (State), Pedare (Anglican/Lutheran) and Gleeson College (Catholic) are all on one huge campus in the heart of Golden Grove and have a shared central section called Shared Facilities funnily enough! The schools share resources of elective subjects such as tech studies (electronics/woodwork/metalwork) Art, Drama, Computing etc this allows all schools to chip in for the equipment which means they have EVERYTHING!

      In recent years Golden Grove high has got too big in my opinion. The uniform and discipline standard has dropped a bit!

      My Cousin went to Kings Baptist Grammer - no complaints from the rellies.

      You'll find the standard of education quite high in Adelaide at all levels. Each school seems to have a reputation for specialising in one thing or another and all have different facilities, so what you might judge as being a better school might not be suitable for another childs family. For example if you child has a passion for an elective subject you might be better off choosing one of the schools on the shared campus.

      All of the schools are contactable by email to give you a list of facilities, subjects offered etc. You can also request school data, such as no of students, no of students who do year 12 (A level equiv) scores, pass marks etc.

      I recently compared info on high schools in my area and the public high school (Willunga High) had a higher rate of retaining students, higher rate of year 12's with pass marks and a higher success rate of getting school leavers into apprenticeships/courses than any of the local private schools!

      Email each school and just ask them for their info!

      Good luck with you research, be sure to let us know how you go!

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      I went to Pembroke, Adelaide private schools are vicious

      I went to Pembroke, Pembroke and I think all the private schools, try to discourage kids who aren't likely to get very high scores from doing matric to make sure the average is kept high. I went there and it was vicious and the students came a distant second to the image of the school. There was a bullying put down mentality which most of the teachers condoned and joined in with. The only teachers that were any good were the English exchange teachers. I started school as someone who got 100% for everything without trying but finished there failing everything. When it came to sport I was also very good but for some reason excluded from teams, only certain people seemed to be even given a chance. I would go to tryouts and coaches would avoid me. Once I was damaged enough I left and went to a Seventh Day Adventist school which was heaven. I think Lutheran schools are also probably good.
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      I went to Pembroke many years ago, but it was much smaller then. It has become the
      "IT" school of the Eastern suburbs. Prob cos it's the only co-ed private in the area that isn't catholic. Some parents love it, but if your child has needs outside whats offered i don't think they cater well.
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