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      i am new to the site so i don't know any1 plz could some1 talk to me
      i am 11 and have two sisters and a dog.

      8) 8)

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      heya sammy

      im tori...im 15 and already live in adelaide..

      from tori :D

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      heya Sammy

      yer ive got friends across the road

      yep...i luv it here

      luv tori

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      hi sammy

      we are brothers and fight sometimes, mum gets cross with us :oops: i am thomas 6 bradley is 10, hes at taekwondo now until half past 6

      are you excited about australia, i am sad and happy

      see ya
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      The Ashtons

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      me too

      i feel happier then i feel sadder.


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      Talking hey

      im new i don't know enny 1 eather im just catting to enny 1.
      its hard beaing new. i worrid that people will make fun of me cus of how i thalk. and im leaveing my best fraind eva behind how can i cope to many things are rushing throug my head. When i arrive people will look at me like im some sort of monster...
      my mom decided evry think with my dad.

      talk back.

      from kirsty (10) bye bye bye bye good luck....;)

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      The Angus Clan

      Smile Hi

      Quote Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
      i am new to the site so i don't know any1 plz could some1 talk to me
      i am 11 and have two sisters and a dog.

      8) 8)
      Hi there,
      My son Andrew is almost 11 and would love to talk to some other kids about the move - he has posted under the name "Celticmad" on this site and would be really pleased to hear from anyone similar age - maybe you should get in touch. Good luck with everything!:)

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      Cool hi Tori

      hi Tori i'm megan (9) what is it like to live in adelaide ?

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      Hi Sammy

      My son Rory is 11 and he would like to talk to other boys his age who are moving to Adelaide. I will tell him tomorrow about you and ask him to send you a reply. He has a brother who is 8 and we used to have a dog, we may get one when we move? We would like to move to Adelaide in Sept 08, when are you hoping to move? Rory is quite excited as he loves sport especially Cricket and Football. He will miss his friends though. We have friends in Seaford and Aberfoyle Park so not sure where we are going to live yet?



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