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      Hi all,
      im hoping to come over next year.
      I will have one in school and the other 2 aged 3 and 1. Are nurseries expensive and is there a system in place where children get free nursery at 3 like there is in the UK?
      How does the system work???
      My brain is frazzling with all the preparation.

      Mark and Rachel

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      Hi Guys,

      Unfortunately, for your three year old there is no pre-school, it would have to be paid childcare of some sort. They start pre-entry kindy the term before their 4th birthday for one session, either a morning or afternoon, and once they turn four, they do the equivalent of four of these sessions (some kindys offer full days), I'm not totally sure of the fees, but they are not too significant, about on par with pre-schools in the Uk possibly (I'm sure someone can give you an idea on fees). My three year old currently attends a childcare faclity, he's not old enough for pre-entry yet, which is like a private nusery in the UK, we pay $58 for the day, which can run from 6.30-6.30pm if you wish, my son fits in with school hours as my other little boy is at school. Bear in mind though, if you are on a permanent visa (not sure of class) you qualify for a levy on these costs, as we are on a 457 visa, we do and have to pay full fees.

      Hope this helps a little, someone else will definately be able to help you more, there are plenty of people on here who have kids in some kind of childcare facility.....................you could also check out these links which may answer some questions for you:

      Sorry if it's a bit vague??



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