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      schools in Port Noarlunga


      Can anyone tell me anything at all about preschool/primary schools in this area as we are looking at buying a house there and will have a 6 year old and a 3 year old when we get out there.


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      Hi Jen and Ian
      I think that Lisa (moderator/smack fairy) is in this area - perhaps she could help you - maybe PM her???
      We are living fairly near to Port Noarlunga (Huntfield Heights) but I have not researched the schools around here because we are building and have decided to send our girls to Woodcroft Primary - Ruby is 4 and in the kindy there and Kenya is 2.
      From the kindy's and school I have visited, they are all very helpful and once you get here, just pop in and see them. For Woodcroft Primary school, we made an appointment with the head teacher and she met with us for an hour and showed us all around.
      When you arrive here, you are under no obligation to get your children into school straight away (I think) so you will have time to look around before making any decision.
      Sing out if you need any more info.

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      We are in Port Noarlunga South (about 5 mins down from Port Noarlunga) and Dawn goes to Seaford K-7 kindy which is about 10 mins walk from our house. She loves it and so far we have only good things to say about it :)

      Just pop along to the local school and ask to have a look around ;)

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      My daughter is 10 and has been at Port Noarlunga Primary for about 4 weeks now. She loves it so far. There is a Kindy just around the corner from the school called Frieda Corpe.
      There are about 280 pupils. They have a website portnoarps.sa.edu.au with a link to the kindy.
      It is difficult to recommend a school especially after such a short time, but they are very welcoming and were happy to show us around when we called in on spec.
      Cheers Clare
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      You have up to 3 months to enrol your children into an australian school, I read this somewhere recently.

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      Moana Primary has a good reputation, I now someone who sends their 5 year old to Seaford Primary and they are very happy with it. Go onto the Decs website and they can give you a context statement which will give you some stats and an overall on the school including the students and their welfare and achievements etc. Cheers


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