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      schools & surburbs help

      Been looking around Moana yesterday and liked the area, anyone living there? Looked at the primary looked nice, but then we looked at Port Noarlunga South is it? With the aquatic part which looked amazing for the kids! Is it worth putting them into the catholic one in Seaford Rise, all saints? cant remember the name!

      Really loved Aldinga Beach but people were warning us about the primary there? Would it be too far to get the kids into somewhere like Moana then travel there?

      So lots of decisions! Havn't decided where to live yet either! Its between Seaford Rise, Moana, Port Noarlunga South i think, loved Aldinga Beach but have changed our minds.

      Any help would be amazing thank you!!!

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      hiya. we live at moana hts (just behind foodland area) Both our boys go to Moana and love it. When its summer they do lessons on the beach and my eldest has been on more excursions this year already than he probably did in his years of school in the uk lolx

      if you get a good feel stick with it. we love it here and too considered living/buying aldinga/sellicks and although its only 7/10mins away - every day with the back and forth i could see getting tedious for us.
      also if you are wanting a seaford based school and then do decide to live aldinga maybe get them in there first as i have heard someone from aldinga way couldnt get them in moana or willunga. i dont know if the schools are getting full or something
      i will try and help more if i can just pm me
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      Hi Caz

      Just thought I'd put my twopence in for what it's worth. When we first arrived in May we lived in Christie Downs and I put my two girls in Port Noarlunga Primary School and Aquatic Centre. They were only there for about 6 weeks but really liked it and made great friends in that short time. We then moved up to Brighton and they are in Seacliff Primary School and like it equally.

      As far as I can tell all the local schools visit the aquatic centre for a whole week so they won't miss out on that score being at another primary school.

      I think you do get a good feeling about a place so just go with your gut instinct. Best of luck.
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      Yes I think all the schools are getting full.We moved to Aldinga beach last week.Still deciding about the schools have one last tour today. Willunga won't take us they say they don't any more and Aldinga beach primary is very busy but they are doing so much building and improvements over the next year or 2 it sounds like it will be a very good school, it seems to be suffering from bad reports from years ago.
      Going to Galilee later today they think they can squeeze us in. Our 9 year old has moved schools a few times due to living in different states so we have to make sure the school we choose is perfect!
      Good luck with your school hunting


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