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    Thread: Kindy, Preschool or School ????

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      Kindy, Preschool or School ????

      We intend to arrive in March 2010. My eldest daughter will be 5 years old on March 13th 2010, can someone advise us on what school year she will start. Will she start school straight away or have to go into preschool until the following Jan ????

      What fees will be applicable ?

      My youngest will be 2 and a half years old, I take it she will attend straight forward childcare nursery ?

      Thanks for any advice.;)

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      hi ,

      your liitle one could probably go to school in tern 2 ( after easter) my little boy is 5 on the 6 narch and starts school then

      the liitle one will only be day nursery as they don't go to kindy here until the term after their 4th birthday

      hope tis is useful for you
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      Hi There - Not sure if different schools have different policies but here is a link to the Govt education website that gives details of public school date/terms and other useful info if you have the time to go through it. One link leads to another and then another but I think there's some useful stuff on the site.

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      When we arrived our daughter was 2 weeks away from her 5th birthday. having already been in school (uk) and bright for a 4 yr old we were shocked to be told it was kindy time again !!! We did find a school that said legaly once she is five she can enter even mid term at their discretion. She went straight in and jumped the reception class into a mixed year 1 and reception and has stayed a year ahead every year now. here in Australia they can hold a child back and resit a year and also put a child up to their capable level rather than their age level.
      Although we thought this all good at the time, now my daughter is 8 and her classmates are 10. She's a clever girl but not as mentally mature as her friends. What will happen when she is 14 and her friends are driving and coming home late ??? Will it be un fair that i want to treat her like a 14 year old and not want her out in cars ???


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