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      moana primary or seaford rise primary?

      don't know which one to choose!

      if we buy in seaford rise will i be able to get them into moana?
      any help would be amazing, caz xx

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      Hi Caroline. I heard good things about Moana but when I got in touch with Seaford Rise I had a fantastic reassuring response and when we went to view it seemed nice and filled me with confidence. Kids seem happy and motivated and are mixing well.......................thats the best you can hope forafter one week. On reflection I wish I had looked around Moana just for comparison but I had been impressed with Seaford Rise Primary so was already swayed. I think there is probably not much between them. Also our rental is only a 5 minute walk away which is brilliant with shops 5 minutes the other way.

      When are you coming over?

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      They are the same there is no difference between them, Moana is unzoned.


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