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      worries with moving.

      hello, my names louise and i'm a 14 year old twin, my parents are looking into moving to australia, but i'm worried, i want to move to australia, but i have no idea what it will be like. I also would like to find out what the schools are like and how different they are from the UK, can anyone help me with that? me and my twin are also unsure on how diiferent the lifestyles are over there, and basically what to expect? I know for certain that i will miss my friends and family, but people say within time it gets better, and that you make friends, is that true for most people?

      can anyone help with my qusetions? you can private message me if you want:D

      thanks ever so much, Louise:GEEK:

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      hi my and my brother are twins too and just a year older are you both girls?
      aus is great just like the uk but warmer and aussies have only one accent school are basicclly the same but easier its less focused on university less hw and tests : ) plus lots of kwl lessons like marine bio photography drama surfing vollyball japanese the list goes on.
      aussies dont go out much and if you plan something some may not turn up but that depends on the kid aswell. lots go to beach or movies and iceskating is v popular. you do make new friends but if you have true bezzies in the uk u will always be friends with them . p.s sending letters to mates is ausome it shows you really care and grans and grandads love letters reminds them of their youth : p


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