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    Thread: Schools Seaford Rise/Moana

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      Schools Seaford Rise/Moana

      Hi! Going out next week to visit Seaford Rise Primary and Moana Primary to hopefully have a walk round and see what we think. Have to get our 9 year old into school as she is driving us all bats as she has been off since the start of the UK Summer hols . I know after talking to a few locals that when you mention Seaford Rise Primary they all pull faces, does anyone have any opinions?? I would rather she went to the Seaford School as we can walk to it and then hopefully the kids she goes to school with will be the kids she plays out with. Obviously nothing beats seeing the place for yourself but I would appreciate any comments or to hear from people who have kids of similar age that Anna might meet up with when she gets there. HTH:)

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      I'd have a good look round before you form an opinion - try and go in with an open mind. When you've done that, then we can compare faces (about SRPS) ;) We took our youngest out because of problems in the class and the attitude of the principal to these problems...
      To be fair though, she was happy enough before then and my eldest was happy there too before she left to go to high school.
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      Well, Anna had her first day at school today at Seaford Rise and thoroughly enjoyed it! We went with the school that she could walk to and that hopefully she would have friends eventually that she would be able to play out with. Her teacher is really nice, she had a shock with her first Japanese lesson and had a great game of T ball, if today is anything to go by then it is looking good. Time will tell, lets hope the happy faces continue!

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      Glad it went well. There's a lot to be said be being close to school friends, especially when you first get here - it'll help you as much as your Anna :)
      Be warned - kids pick-up Japanese up alarming quick...


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