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      Similarities inthe education system?

      Can anyone help?
      We, if successful in our application etc are looking to move to Adelaide in July next year. This will put my daughter at the end of her first year of studying for GCSE's. What impact will this have on her and how will what she has already done count for anything in Oz? We can't leave our application any later than this as my partner is soon to be 43, any advice/views on this greatly appreciated.
      Rachel x

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      Hi there Rachel,

      Sorry I can't comment on similarities in the education system.

      I do know though that it's not uncommon for students to move school part way through their senior school education (ie year 11 and 12, last two years of school).

      As long as the subjects that your daughter did in England are recognised (I'm sure they would be - we have a wide range of subjects over here), then there should be no problems in her advancing to year 12. The only problem may be that you are coming in July which is half way through the school year over here.

      She may like to take half a year off (she will be above the 16 or 17 minimum age for leaving school I imagine), or enter high school for a semester of year 11 (which most students do when they are 16 or 17), and then progress to year 12 the following year.

      There are a range of schooling options for students moving in their final years. You could choose a traditional public high school, one of the major private schools, or an independent senior school (years 10 - 13), eg Eynesbury College in Adelaide City.


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      My son chose to go back a year. It is no "biggie" here!
      He did his GCSEs and had done 6 mths of "A" level at college. He got status for his completed GCSEs, then joined yr11 1/2 way through. Which gave him a chance to settle in and make a network of friends. There have been some people I have spoken to who have said yr11 nad 12 are easy, but when questioned they are doing easier subjects. There are a lot of subject choices here.

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      Great to hear it has worked out.
      And yes, there is definitely a range of subjects and some are distinctly easier or harder than others.
      Cheers, Elise

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      The Guvnor
      Hi Rachel, we're in precisley the same predicament. Next summer my son will have completed the 1st year of GCSE's but not the second. Dilemma! Will seek advice from the Adelaide LEA and post it here nearer the time.




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