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    Thread: Football & School Years

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      tom and sam

      Question Football & different years at school ? please reply

      Hi we're Tom and Sam

      I'm 10 and I'm year 6 at school and my name's Tom and my brother's Sam and hes 7 and in year 3 we live in derbyshire. We both have season tickets for Derby County but I support Liverpool as well and Sam supports Man U. We are planning to move to adelaide.

      We are very sporty and we both play for our local football teams we just wondered what ozie rules football is like and is it too rough (even though we like a bit of rough and tumble).

      Another thing is we hear the years are different at school but were not quite sure whether were the yongest or oldest me, my birthday is right at the end of july and sam's birthday is in mid march.

      please reply

      from tom and sam lol;)
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      tom and sam
      hi, tom and sam again,
      please will you reply, we look forward to you sending us some answers

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      Hi Tom and Sam

      I have 4 boys, 2 Man u supporters and 2 Liverpool. They all play soccer here and love it.

      I think at 10 Tom you may go into year 6 here next January and Sam will go into year 2. I am only gaging this by my sons ages.

      Hopefully someone will confirm this for you both
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