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      Exclamation Hi Im Ethan (9 Yrs)

      Hello im Ethan,
      I am 9 yrs old and like wwe and rugby;) and would like to make new friends

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      super ally
      Hi Ethan

      my name is Alistair, but super ally on the forum, I am also 9 years old and waiting to go to Adelaide with my mum, dad and little sister Andrea who is 5 years old.

      I'm not really into WWE but do like rugby, football and AFL. I also like running and tae kwon do. (so here's hoping there are good clubs over in OZ)

      Have you been to Australia yet? If you did, did you like it?

      I was there with my family in april and loved it, really excited for going back. We are just waiting on our visa.

      It would be really good to hear back from you. What area are your family looking to stay in? We are looking at the beach places like Moana, Noarlunga, Hallett cove and brighton areas.

      see ya.

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      Leanne & Mark
      Hi Ethan, my name is Ethan aswell i'm nearly 5 my brother is 9. it was his birthday last week. i will tell him to write to you a message cos he is still at school. i only go in the morning because i've just started.
      We are going to Adelaide next year.
      Cool name Ethan.

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      super ally
      <P>hello ethan i am nine nine years old too i just got my medicals today i am going in march i think.i like rugby but i dont like wwe that much as it is fake, but i like boxing.but more from u later if u reply

      see u soon

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      Leanne & Mark

      Thumbs up

      Hi my name is Blake, 1 am 9 aswell! i like Rugby, golf, and bmx. Do you have a psp or bmx?
      I cant wait to get there so i can ride my bmx more.
      Have you been already we haven't, is it really really hot in Adelaide?
      I have a little bro Ethan he's 5 soon, and Olivia my little sister is 2.

      I like these..:p:jimlad:

      C YA LATA

      from Blake!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      My names Ethan I like football too-I support Man U who do you support?
      Were waiting for the visa AND HAVE NEVER BEEN TO ADELAIDE what's it like?


      I like these


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      Leanne & Mark
      Blimey ................. There is certainly gonna be a few Ethans in Adelaide.

      See you all when we get there!!!!!!!!!!


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