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      state schools

      Hi all

      We are looking to move to Adelaide in July this year and we will be renting for at least the first 6 months, quite possibly longer. As we need to find jobs, we thought it would be best to look to live reasonably close to the city initially and also because it's a great base for exploration :GEEK:...
      I've checked out the areas and am liking the look of Brighton and the surrounding suburbs and am really looking for advice on state schools and pre school childcare in the area. Does anyone know any good child minders?

      Any advice appreciated :)

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      Andrew Family
      I have noticed that this has not received any replies but if anyone can offer any advice the the above question, I would also be interested.



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      Schools in Brighton have a good rep. as well as the High School there. That's all I know. Hope this helps.

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      I've also heard good things about schools in Brighton. There's an agency we used initially for babysitters etc called Nannies SA. Not cheap, but may get you started before you build up some contacts of your own.


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