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      Teaching in Adelaide

      Hi, moving to Adelaide in July/Aug of this year as a newly qualified Primary teacher. Was wondering if there are any UK qualified teachers curerntly teaching in SA that are on PIA? I have checked with Teaching Australia regarding my NQT year and have been told that my PGCE course would be the equivalent to the Oz academic course. So hopefully fingers crossed I will be able to find work in SA primary schools.

      I want to find out your experiences of finding work, application process etc?


      Nick, Ali, Fin and Sian:)

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      Kelly O
      I have been living here since last April and have seen quite a few posts on here about teaching. I am a primary school relief teacher but would love a permanent post or even a contract!

      I have just posted a reply to one which might help you. If you type in 'teaching' on the search engine and you'll see quite a few posts on the subject.

      You should be ok for getting releif teaching work in primary school especially at the time of year you said you are arriving. I had a very good term 3 and 4. I've been told Term 1 is the quietest period.

      Anyway some of the previous posts on teaching might answer some of your questions.

      Ps. Make sure you come out with the correct police check- ask the TRB- I came with the wrong one - took 8 weeks for it to come through and so could not work straight away which we didn't bank on. Hope this helps.

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      i also had the wrong police check! It took ages to get the correct one so def check which one you need :)

      Also, double check with the TRB about your PGCE qualification as I have a friend here who is having real trouble getting registered as the TRB require a certain number of days teaching practice within the degree (and hers was 4 days short of that expectation) It has been a nightmare for her!

      The registration process is pretty long and you need evidence of a million different documents so really do your research and make sure that you have evidence of any teaching experience (placement reports, etc) You will also need all your academic transcripts and each page needs to be photocopied. I arrived in August and have only just got everything organised. I have a few friends who arrived around the same time and have just got registered too so it can take a while - be prepared to be patient!

      You will also have to do a firts aid course and a mnadatory notification course before you can register - and you can only do those here! Hopefully it will be worth all this hassle but i have heard that term 1 is pretty quiet for relief work...I'll let you know how it goes!

      Good luck with the move and the reg process!

      Allie x

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      Thanks for the quick response! I have heard that you need to have bags of patience with the process. I will contact TRB and check regard to the Police check and the number of days teaching practice I have done on my PGCE. Hopefully I will have enough.

      Anyway, good to hear that you guys are finally getting settled. Our plan is for me to get the children settled into Primary first anyway as my wife will be starting her new job at Flinders. So I guess that I will have plenty of time on my hands!

      Just out of interest what schools have you worked in and can you recommend any around the Port Noarlunga area, which is the area that we will be looking to rent initially.

      Thanks again,

      Nick, Alison and kids:)


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