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      schooling free or not?

      whilst on a visa do you have to pay for childrens schooling? mine are 7 and 10 would they not get state schooling as in UK?

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      You have to pay for all schooling over here. The only difference with SA is you pay the same whichever visa type you are on (unless tafe or uni)

      We pay $50 per term for kindy and think it will be about $250 per year when Dawn starts full time in October ;) All seem to be about the same I think per year. :o Private schools are cheaper than UK and seem to average about $3k per term from people we know using them.

      Then you have uniform, trips, after school activites etc on top of course same as UK


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      Yes you pay for education here, although the bill comes as things like paper use, photocoping, computer time etc. I think they actually cant say they are school fees if it is a state school.
      Also the older the kids get the more the cost, ie my two are 15 and 18 and the cost for them is $300 each. In the grand scheme of things I am happy to pay this as the education tey are recieving is miles better than in UK.


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