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      rick b

      School in Seaview Downs

      we have secured some rental in seaview downs (near Brighton), with help from a contact on this forum! this will be our first stop for three months until our stuff from UK arrives, we have boys aged 7 & 6, does anyone know anything about the Seaview school? we arrive on the 1st Dec so will there be time before term ends to go and look at the school?

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      I'm sorry, I know no-one who has kids in this school, so I havent even got second hand info for you;). When you arrive have a good look around different areas to find where you want to live, base it on employment and schools. The new school year wont start till towards the end of Jan any way. The last day of term is fri 14th dec, so you have a couple of weeks to check out a fair amount.
      good luck sarah

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      Hi Rick

      We have friends of friends who live in Seacliff and their kids go to school there. I will give them a buzz and see what other info I can find out and come back to you.


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      rick b
      hi sas
      any info would be appreciated,got to go to work now getting cold here now,cant wait to leave this depressing place.
      bye for now

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      I have met someone whos daughter went there for a while, joined yr 11 and left to go to a different school, she wasnt keen on the teaching method there apparently.
      That is only one person though, I work alot in the seacliff area and most of the kids I come into contact with go to Brighton High, although I dont think Seaview would be in the catchment now.

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      I know someone who's daughter spent a few weeks at the high school and did not like it so moved but her younger ones still go to the primary there which she is happy with


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      My daughter goes to the school and its great she went from a quiet girl when she started to an outging girl within the week. The classes are small and the teachers are very experienced ! The way of teaching is excellent. They have everything to offer from sports to music. They also came 1st in the South Australia "shop for your schools in they group" winning many prizes for their school.In my opinion its a fantastic school.
      But every person will think their school is the best one in Adelaide, it depends on how your child settles at the school and if they progress in their education.
      Saying that if I had the money she would be going to Westminster school tomorrow !!!!


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