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    Thread: been here almost 2 years HEAPS GOOD!!!

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      Thats a great post..........

      should settle a few kids nerves who feel like their parents are ruining thier lives by dragging them half wa y round the world...


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      Quote Originally Posted by elise.o View Post
      Oh okay, well I know my mums been looking into aberfoyle park high school and brighton high school, do you know anything about them?
      But we have to look in the areas we could actually afford too, which rules out some schools!
      I'm really excited about visiting in the summer, especially because my aunt, uncle and cousins live in adelaide! :) But I'm nervous about the idea of actually moving over there and starting school without knowing anyone, especially the first day!
      It's not definite that we're moving yet, we're visiting Brisbane as well, as there seems to be more jobs there for my dad than in adelaide :(
      But i think we will be deciding whether we'll move or not when we get back this summer, I think unless we all absolutely hate australia we won't be going, but otherwise I think at the moment it's looking like we'll be moving next year! :s
      haha well atleast your doing the smart thing my family moved here without even visiting australia at all i live next to aberfoyle hub in a place called happy valley my brother (aged 15) used to go to blackwood too but then he moved to aberfoyle park school all for one day! haha well he will soon be attending tafe soon in electrician and he still has to go to school for the two lessons maths and electrics until he starts his course but the school sorted out everything for him we both visited the school when we first came here 2 years ago but in the end chose blackwood as it was closest to us at the time although now its quite expensive there are somethings that i think that aberfoyle park is better than blackwood as they helped my brother who was struggling at school where as blackwood just ignored everything ive only ever been to adelaide but i know that adelaide is the quietest city a lot less traffic than in brisbane

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      okay, i will let my mum know :P lol

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      ok so what does your dad do? if u want to know anything else then just ask :)

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      errrm i think he's something to do with finance/accountant or something? lol
      so would you recommend looking into aberfoyle park high school then? :)

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      yeah its a good school worth looking into

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      where abouts in england r u from?

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      okay thanks :)

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      south east london, bromley

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      ok cool but really moving to australia is nothing to be worried about at first i was worried about it but now i love it going to the beach in summer going out with my friends the warm weather


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