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    Thread: been here almost 2 years HEAPS GOOD!!!

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      Talking been here almost 2 years HEAPS GOOD!!!

      hi im 16 almost 17 in march and ive been here almost 2 years now and im still loving it i was quite nervous before i came here but when i got here i found it quite easy to make friends at school and at youth group im really excited about having our 2nd lot of family visiting in two weeks as they will be here for my birthday ive enjoyed every minute of our new adventure (even the time we spent in on arival accomadation!!!!!) if anyone wants to know anything about adelaide before coming or if anyone wants to meet up if there new here il do my best im happy to help NO WORRIES! x:)

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      ^ hey i'm 14, 15 soon and might be moving to australia next summer, we are visiting this summer to see what it's like. Just wondering what the schools and teenagers are like over there compared to the UK (where everyone seems to have to impress each other/act older than they really are!)?
      Thanks, elise :) x

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      hi elise i found when I got here that school was a lot more laid back than in England and all the people where generally nice, there's not a lot of bullying hope you enjoy your visit!
      hope this helped you
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      thanks :)
      oh yeah and do they make fun of your english accent? lol :P

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      sometimes but not a lot its mostly just when you say things different to them like
      peppers- capsicums
      plasters- band aids
      courgettes- zucchini
      trousers- pants
      sweets- lollies
      and when you pronounce things differently as we say pasta they pronounce it parsta that's something i haven't got used to!
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      oh okay lol , parsta that sounds so strange! haha
      what school do you go to? do you like it there + was it easy to make friends? and what subjects do you take/can you take ? :)

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      I recently left school last week as I'm in year 12 and I only did year 12 as I wasn't sure what i wanted to do in the future but now i have decided to go to tafe (college). i did go to Blackwood high school i liked it there and i enrolled into the school not knowing anyone but found it easy to make friends also through this i met other english people who where going attend blackwood high school and i helped them as i had been at the school for a year. some schools are different to what subjects you can take in early years of high school you are given basic subjects like english maths humanities and science and you can choose a certain amount of other subjects like dance, drama, history, art,woodwork etc
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      Okay cool. When you were at school did you notice many english people there? :)

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      there are quite a lot of english people that go to blackwood high school but it changes to where abouts you go to school are you excited for ur visit?

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      Oh okay, well I know my mums been looking into aberfoyle park high school and brighton high school, do you know anything about them?
      But we have to look in the areas we could actually afford too, which rules out some schools!
      I'm really excited about visiting in the summer, especially because my aunt, uncle and cousins live in adelaide! :) But I'm nervous about the idea of actually moving over there and starting school without knowing anyone, especially the first day!
      It's not definite that we're moving yet, we're visiting Brisbane as well, as there seems to be more jobs there for my dad than in adelaide :(
      But i think we will be deciding whether we'll move or not when we get back this summer, I think unless we all absolutely hate australia we won't be going, but otherwise I think at the moment it's looking like we'll be moving next year! :s


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