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    Thread: Seaford Rise Primary

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      Seaford Rise Primary

      Can anyone please give me an idea as to what Seaford Rise Primary is really like? I have heard so many conflicting opinions about it with regards to results, bullying and behaviour but it is our local school and would be an easy walk! So I am very confused! Are all the state schools about the same? or would my kids be better off at Moana or Mclaren Vale or even private! Please help! I'm going round in circles, getting nowhere fast!!

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      Schools are a tricky subject, I like you heard stories good and bad about Seaford Rise and other local schools. I think the best thing is to look around several with your kids and see how you feel. Gut instict works for me as a parent (well most of the time anyway).

      My two attend Mclaren Vale and I have to say its a lovely school, not perfect, but the kids there are so friendly and I have been pleased with the progress they have made. I have also heard similar comments about Moana.

      Best of luck and pm me if you need any more info

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      My daughter went to Seaford Rise primary when we first arrived. She was happy there but we didn't like some of the behaviour issues in the school and how they dealt with them. We now have both kids at moana.
      You really need a walk around yourself as whats right for me may not be the same for you and vise versa.
      Good luck.
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      I have taught at 2 of the 3 schools mentionned and would deffo recommend Mclaren vale. If I lived around there that would be my choice.
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      I concur with PP's apraisal of SRP above and behavioural issues (we moved our youngest out for these reasons too) . However, that was a couple of years ago and things do change...
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      Adrian Fox
      Have you been on the new "My School Website" ? It may help you but the best is to go to each school and have a meeting.
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      My 9Yr old daughter goes to seaford rise and is doing really well. All depends on what teacher you get and what works for one doesnt always work for another. At the moment we are happy with seaford rise.
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      Seaford Rise R7

      What is the current thinking re this school please? As we have viewed three schools now and this is our preferred choice.



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