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    Thread: Hi :)

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      Smile Hi :)

      Hey, I'm FireElfGlitter, I'm 16, I've been living in Adelaide for over 2 years now and I love it :)

      I would be glad to answer any questions people have about moving here, or just talk to people on msn or facebook.

      Feel free to PM me for any information.
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      Wow, Im really excited now!
      Im 14, and moving on Monday. I'm really excited, + a bit nervous!
      Is the weather still really good this time of yearr?? :D

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      Lol. I get what you mean about being excited and nervous. I was the same.
      The weather is really good, it was about 26-27 degrees on the weekend, it's beginning to get colder, but i think anything is better than the weather in the UK right now xD.
      Hope you have a nice flight :)

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      ^ hey :) i'm 14 + might be moving there next summer. what are the people and schools like compared to the UK? :)

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      Hi elise.o (:
      People over here are really nice and easy to make friends with. It's really fun to live here as you get to meet people with different cultures and backgrounds to your own, so people are really accepting of others. Schools are really relaxed, most teachers at my school are really chilled and let us listen to music in class x)

      Hope I helped.

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      Sounds really good, but the teachers aren't TOO relaxed, as in with letting kids get away with everything lol? or not controlling the class? coz that's what happens here, teachers cant control the class + its kind of a waste of time!! :P

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      No, nothing like that :L
      They can control the class, but aren't super strict or anything.

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      good good, thanks ! :)

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      No problem. I hope I helped (:


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